Welcome to the musical space designed by PG. Journalist, sociologist, writer, over 60, born in Rome, but with Umbrian roots (Umbria is a region in central Italy).

Guitarist, singer and song-writer, writer since the 70s, he started his intense activity as a composer and a singer again after 2000. His are the lyrics of all the songs he sings and many melodies.

Listen to Giammarroni:“Music means lots of things to me: a great source of energy, a point of observation on the world, a way of communicating with people. In this website you can find many songs of mine and videos youtube, ready to be listened to and bought safely. In this website you can also find the project of an Atelier, with Stefano Marchese,  titled In the 10 directions. Here you can find access to a network of great real musicians, not plastic ones!”

One section is dedicated to mini-short stories by Giammarroni, which are sorts of  small  portraits of all ages’ musicians: from Claudio Monteverdi, to Chopin, Stravinsky, Sonny Rollins, T.Monk, till Ani Di Franco.

In the website you can comment on, vote and discuss, especially about the usefulness of  “socially engaged/ songs”, that are songs conceived to tell about a social problem, or a relevant personality, or a place worth remembering. In fact Giammarroni has also written  songs  about the Nobel Prize  from Birmania Aung San Suu Kyi (The ridded lady & her scentries’ jail), about the actress Anna  Magnani (Anna de Cinecittà), about Oriana Fallaci (Professione reporter), about the living conditions  of animals in the cities (Fauna urbana), about the taste of lost fruits (Arborea), or about the World Day Against Child Labour 2005 by Ilo (Digging), about the Usa after the Twin Towers’ massacre ((Nero e turchese).

His musical interests have always been 360°: from classical to Brazilian music (versions from Chico Barque), from popular and political music to rock music. Here is a list of all his best beloved not Italian musicians: B.Bartok, Vinicius de Moraes & Jobim, Doors, Byrds, Blood Sweat & Tears, Joni Mitchell, Clifford Brown, Wayne Shorter, Ornette Coleman, Nick Drake, Jeff Buckley, Neil Young…

Also due to these various influences, his present project has got all the characteristics of an Atelier, that is a workshop of musicians ready to stake their all, in “ the 10 directions” (the eight we know, but according to Buddhism, also the above and the below, like in a sphere). Many pages are inspired to the vietnamese zen monk Thich Nhat Hanh’s mindfulness practice.

Listen to him again:“The genres of music are only cages by now. All kinds of music are worn out. I like citing, but I don’t like doing copy and paste as rappers like doing. I prefer using in a respectful way, in order to try to do something else. There’s still a lot of music to write, in my opinion.”



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